Pensively Pondering


My ‘public display name’, especially in conjunction with the blog title, might be viewed, suspiciously, as darkly religious. Sure, it could be that; but, heh, not today. ‘The Stygian Heresy’ originated as my (personal in-joke) reply to prog purists, whose tiresome denunciations of early Styx as too commercial always call to mind that it was Messieurs Curulewski, DeYoung, Panozzo, Panozzo, and Young — and no others — that first introduced me, via their epic track “Suite Madame Blue”, to the world of prog rock.

Here we are forty-some years on, and I’m after indy rock. You already know I’m not (quite!) prog-obsessive; so it needn’t be radio-toxic to have my full attention. From the American progressive rock underground, I’m still all ears for Cathedral, Lift, Carnegie, Zazu, Leviathan, Polyphony, Yezda Urfa, Newcross, White Clover, Cocky Fox, Proto-Kaw, Glass, Axcraft, Hands, Atlantis Philharmonic, Babylon, Pre, False Prophet, Asia (U.S.), Booth Davis & Lowe, Mirthrandir, Jimmy Hotz, Lauri Paisley, Folly’s Pool, Jasper Wrath, Zoldar & Clark, Brimstone, Laser Pace, Ixt Adux, Pentwater, Heyoka, Metaphysical Animation, Vindication, and their too-cool ilk; not forgetting the progenitors: Ramon Sender, Barry Silverlight, Frank Zappa, and Touch.

Outside of adventurous Music, there are a number of things that make my world go ’round, and keep it spinning: Literacy, Art, Astronomy, Geology, Evolutionary Biology; and Cats.

Hmm. I listed cats last. That was probably not a good idea.

Thank you for stopping in.



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